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How I strategically won Swiggy's #WITASA Contest

Swiggy rolled out its 'Why is this a Swiggy ad' campaign through OOH and print creatives. The campaign was spread to social media as users took to Twitter in particular to explain why they believed the creative was a Swiggy ad to win  ₹1,00,000  worth of Swiggy money. 🤑

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As a UX Designer,
I approached this contest with
Design Thinking Framework

STEP 1: Empathize

As soon as I discovered the Ad-Campaign I knew I could create a great theory, but I didn't wanted to create something for my own out of my own assumptions, it was important to understand and feel want the target users (in this case audience) wants! after carefully going through the terms & conditions, I figured out the following were my target users:
1. Swiggy's Twitter Admin & Marketing Team
2. The Associated Agency - Talented
3. Gulab Jamun Uncle ❤️

I gathered the maximum requirements from my target group & came up with the following findings:

STEP 2: Define

1. Swiggy want video entries.
2. Twitter Admin was pointing out logical mistakes from other entries. So, a strong logical theory was needed.
3. No more 4 video entries were found at my time of research. (very unsaturated market 🌝😁)
3. The Partner agency Talented, were only re-sharing a handful of entries out of the thousands posted. (as Kunal Shah says, UBP > USP. We needed to create Unique Bragworthy Proposition) to get Talented's attention

So, in the end formula was Bragworthy Video + Logical Theory + Audience Appreciation = ₹1,00,000 Swiggy Money

STEP 3: Ideate

Theory: To create the theory I first noted down every detail from the artwork posted by Swiggy then found out there's more to it 👀, they included a secret input field disguised as artwork that accepted only 1 unique coupon, it took few tries to unlock it, but I unlocked the full artwork.
Later, when I had every components noted down I started connecting the dots & formed a great story that fits with the user need I discovered earlier in the process.

Video: The Idea was to narrate the story, record my voice-over and create bizarre artwork as video frames and add necessary sound effects to create our product (the video)

STEP 4: Prototype

So, now we have the User's Requirements, The Theory & The Idea! Let's make the video
1: Narrate the story and record a voice-over (learnt a little bit of voice-over skill while my Internship at Radio Mirchi)
2. Have Digital Artwork for video frames (made them rapidly on AI powered art tools)
3. Combine everything add some sound effects and........ tadaaaa...... we have our video!!

STEP 5: Test

Finally, I uploaded my theory on YouTube, and shared the link on twitter tagging Swiggy & campaign hastag #WITASA

To test my research & execution really worked. I needed feedback from our target audience! Read below to find out what Swiggy and Talented Agency has to say about my video.

Now, It was time to defeat the final boss of the game : Gulab Jamun Uncle ❤️

After all this process, it was important to impress our beloved Gulab Jamun Uncle. That's why I made him the most important character in our story & I am sure I must have gave him a smile at the end of the video :)

After 2 days of continuous work, I was eagerly waiting for the results.
and Swiggy posted a 18 min long video to announce
the Winners!

And I was one of them!

This is not the best implementation of the Design Thinking
process but just a fun experiment to see, "Do UX concepts
work on projects that have no relation to UX?" Surprisingly,
it worked for me and made me a good ₹1,00,000